domingo, 18 de noviembre de 2012

ARTS & CRAFTS (6th Grade) - Our own fake Art Gallery

In this Unit we are going to talk about the ART. But... Do we really know what is the art? Who decides what is art and what is not? Watch the following video to think about it and then, continue reading through this post:

The experts have talked! Was it art or not? What do you think? ;)

In this Unit, you are going to became part of the ART FORGERS TEAM of 6th GradeYour mission consists in the following:
  1. CHOOSE: With a partner, choose which of the most famous artworks of the History you want to falsify.
  2. FALSIFY: Try to imitate the painting. It must be as similar as you can to the original.
  3. LEARN: Learn as much as you can about the picture you have painted (author, techniques, year, value...).
  4. SELL: Hang it on the Fake Art Gallery and then try to sell it to the visitors.
Look carefully through these works of art. Each of them has something special and you have to discover it. Will you be able to do it?

Works of Art for 6th A

Works of Art for 6th B

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